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Financial Support

Mesothelioma victims may need assistance

Several Important Topics that mesothelioma patients should address include:

The need for family openness in discussing and finding solutions to financial and investment matters
The importance of practicing basic financial planning, for example, all adults should have a will and other essential paperwork in place, make a budget, and monitor cash flow.

Mesothelioma victims may need assistance from the following:

Licensed Certified Financial Planners - they can help with managing and structuring your money.
Hospital Billing Representatives - they can help with insurance questions and issues.
Insurance Agents/Specialists - they can provide assistance on insurance coverage issues.
Bankers and Bank Trust/Loan Officers - they may be able to lend money.
Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid Representatives - they may assist in providing additional sources of income and cover certain hospital payments or prescription costs.
Attorneys - they can often recover significant compensation from the Asbestos issues, help draft a will and prepare health care powers of attorney and other important documents.
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