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How Pain Affects Life

To those living with mesothelioma, life is precious. When pain becomes part of one's daily life, however, these days are diminished and quality of life is eroded.

Following are some of the effects pain has on quality of life:

sleep is disturbed
ability to work is impaired
exhaustion becomes a constant companion
sadness, depression and worry are commonly felt emotions
appetite diminishes
simple pleasures, such as enjoying one's family are impaired or given up
trips and vacations are uncomfortable or impossible
reluctance to move or exercise is experienced
feelings of isolation from the world increase
caregivers, family and friends, become exhausted

Every mesothelioma cancer patient who has experienced unrelieved pain can provide his or her own examples of the damage pain inflicts on one's life.

Even if you believe that you individually, can tolerate the pain you feel from mesothelioma or mesothelioma treatments, consider this: by living in pain, you are depriving those who love and care for you the full pleasure of your company. To continue to suffer when pain relief is available not only hurts yourself, but also those who care for you.

It's important to understand, too, that mesothelioma pain can undermine your ability to fight your cancer. If pain has you in its grip, your appetite diminishes. This means you may not be receiving sufficient nutrition to retain energy, which, in turn, leads to exhaustion and feelings of sadness and depression. As this cycle continues, a person is worn down gradually, may become more vulnerable to infection, and the ability to withstand necessary cancer treatments may diminish.