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Types of Pain

  1. Acute Pain
    Acute pain from mesothelioma, as from other diseases, is episodic. Generally, acute pain starts suddenly, may be sharp, and often triggers visible bodily reactions such as sweating and elevated blood pressure. Acute pain is a signal of rapid-onset injury to the body, and, usually, is relieved when pain relief is given or the injury is treated. Mesothelioma patients, inevitably, will experience acute pain during treatment.
  2. Chronic Pain
    Chronic pain from mesothelioma, as the name suggests, lasts much longer than acute pain from the disease. Pain is considered chronic when it lasts beyond the normal time expected for an injury to heal or an illness to resolve. Chronic mesothelioma pain is very stressful for both the body and the soul, and requires careful, ongoing attention. Chronic pain from mesothelioma can be successfully controlled with current drug and non-drug therapies. As with acute pain, mesothelioma patients will experience various forms of chronic pain during treatment.