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Legal Overview

If you are seeking legal assistance as part of your coping strategy with this disease, regardless of your diagnosis and prognosis, treatment plan or specific challenges, there are certain things to bear in mind.

It is always wise to contact and contract an asbestos-related specialist or personal injury lawyer, to best advise you on potential grounds and feasibility for a lawsuit. If you are interested in pursuing a case against asbestos companies, previous employers and the like, it is best to get experts on your side as soon as possible. Get their input on the feasibility of your case, clarification regarding costs, recovery amounts and medical or diagnosis requirements etc.

As to when the most appropriate time would be to contact a legal representative in this process, sooner rather than later is advisable. It could be for yourself or on behalf of a loved one, relative or friend. Always hold your best interest front of mind.

If the patient is still alive, the case can be accelerated through the system and court. Funds will be available and disposed to you sooner rather than later than can really help alleviate some of the pressures and bills you have to deal with, even and especially if you have lost your job because of the illness. Tracing your professional or exposure history is essential. The sufferer is normally the best source and most reliable evidence bearing witness if you will as to under what conditions work and exposure occurred. Timing is everything, there are so-called time-sensitive aspects to be considered, like the statute of limitations. From diagnosis to filing of the law suit, only a certain amount of time might be legally allowed for recourse of any kind. Sooner the better is the rule of thumb for hiring an attorney.

There are always the questions regarding legal fees and costs of hiring a lawyer. Contingent fees (which means the lawyer will only get paid if you are successful and this will come from the settlement) should make this decision, even in this difficult time a little easier.

Cases can last up to 1 year in the courts and recently they have been known to be accelerated to get justice due for the suffering victims of asbestos exposure-related illness and disease.