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Mesothelioma Tests Diagnosis

Like with any other illness or serious, terminal disease, the medical tests and confirmation of the existing condition, progression and prognosis, is actually the start of the process of identifying, addressing and effectively dealing with mesothelioma.

A full and detailed review of the patient's medical history will be taken to enable and effect, underscore and make an accurate diagnosis possible.

Any occupational exposure to asbestos is placed under closer scrutiny. Any work I mines, with some of the products containing asbestos (insulation, cement, HVAC etc, as well as some other professions like construction, engineering and the like), will be considered. These factors will all contribute to a heightened clinical hypothesizing about possible origin, root cause of the symptoms.

Diagnostic testing will back up and follow any level of suspicion for mesothelioma.

A full and comprehensive, physical medical examination will follow. Chest X-rays and lung-capacity testing is the logical next avenue of choice. Thickening and presence of fluid will be detected and clearly visible. These will all contribute to more than mere suspicion now for the dreaded mesothelioma.

Next steps will be MRI, CT or CAT scan as they are commonly referred to in the medical community.

Cytology might be performed where lots of the excessive fluids are aspirated with a syringe, pleural taps or chest drain, paracentesis or ascitic drain or pericardiocentesis. The method will depend on the location and amount of fluid present the feasibility of the test procedure. Even if the diagnosis is negative at this point, the data obtained can also be used to rule out other illnesses like TB or heart conditions.

Biopsies are next in line to confirm the diagnosis. A tissue sample through thoracoscopy for example. Looking inside and taking a sample are the goals of this process and outcome.

A Laparoscopy will be done if the lower abdomen or trunk cavity is in question.

Sometimes going deeper would require exploratory diagnostic surgery to determine the nature and extent of the disease, also disease and diagnosis confirmation will be given upon a positive diagnosis.